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Many friends read vga cable in the Internet or in the monitor manual. I don’t know what vga cable means, but by looking up the information, we can easily know that vga is actually referring to the vga cable interface.

Speaking of the VGA interface

I believe many of my friends will not be unfamiliar, because this interface is the most important interface on the computer monitor. From the era of huge CRT monitors, the VGA interface has been used, and it has been used ever since, and today’s monitors There are many interfaces, and the mainstream has 4k hdmi cable interfaces.

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Although the display interface has evolved

into many types of interfaces, the VGA interface is still the most primitive and most common display interface and is commonly used in computer displays.

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Of course, many new monitors also

use HDMI high-definition interface, but still have VGA interface, in addition, many LCD TVs also use HDMI high-definition interface, you can also find a lot of older LCD display using VGA interface, or two The situation of coexistence.

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The information processed by the graphics card

is ultimately output to the display. The output interface of the graphics card is the bridge between the computer and the display, which is responsible for outputting corresponding image signals to the display.

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CRT monitors can only accept analog signal

input for design and manufacturing best ethernet cable reasons, which requires the graphics card to output analog signals. The VGA interface is the interface for outputting analog signals on the graphics card, and the VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface, also called the D-Sub interface. Although the LCD monitor can directly receive digital signals, many low-end products use a VGA interface in order to match the VGA interface card.

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The VGA cable connection is very simple

One end is connected to the VGA output port of the computer, and the other end is connected to the display VGA input interface. The VGA interface is also called the D-Sub interface. This interface is the first computer interface that many people touch.

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In the CRT era, the VGA interface has become

the necessary interface between the host and the display, and until now this interface is still the interface that many people use. So when it comes to this interface, there are definitely many people who have different opinions. How can an interface that so many people use is going to be cleaned up? Today we will talk about the VGA interface.

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The connector for the VGA connector is usually blue

but occasionally there is a product designed to be black, which looks like a capital letter D, and the name comes from it. It can be said that the D-Sub interface is a product in the analog information age. The D-Sub interface has a total of 15 pinholes, divided into three rows, five in each row.

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But some of them are useless

and the signal lines used for connection are also vacant. In fact, at present, there are still many devices with VGA interfaces in the market, because the history of this interface is really too long.The VGA interface that began to appear in 1987 is now in its twenties, and its essence is an analog interface. Early CRT monitors only accept analog signal input because of design and manufacture.

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The VGA interface is the interface for outputting

analog signals on the graphics card. Today, LCD monitors can directly receive digital signals. However, in order to connect some low-end hosts, many monitors are still configured with VGA interfaces. In fact, the liquid crystal display uses the VGA interface to be technically backward.

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The VGA interface has always existed mainly

because the cost is low enough, and it can be well connect to the low-end devices before. After all, the devices in many people have this interface. However, the development speed of the digital interface is very fast, especially the popularity of the HDMI interface is increasing.

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Whether it is the computer host or the television field, or in the business field, the HDMI interface is replacing the function of the previous VGA interface. Therefore, the necessity of the existence of the VGA interface being weaken. From the advancement of technology and the trend of interfaces, the future development of dvi cable interface is not very good. In the case of continuous upgrade of other digital interfaces, the VGA interface is difficult to not clean.

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