Use Them To Recommend A LOL Gaming Mouse

Use Them To Recommend A LOL Gaming Mouse

What is the most popular Gaming Mouse at the moment? We can easily feel the Gaming Mouse relationship between the year-end awards of their company Gaming Mouse team and the multiples of wages. Although DNF and CF are still hot, the MOBA game, the LOL League of Legends, has become a hot spot for many players since its launch. But how do you choose a gaming mouse for the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game?

The traditional RTS (represented by Warcraft 3/StarCraft 2) has roughly divided into two kinds of needs for gamers: large map high-speed movement and small-scale fine operation requirements; the former is convenient for “sub-base” and “main base”. The “front line of battle” is a three-line operation. The latter has a huge role in saving the dead troops, blocking heroes (WAR3), and operating large-volume units (SC2) in the big battle.

1.VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse best gaming mouse

The MOBA game will shift from the “economic-technical-military” three cores of RTS to the “military line-equipment-team battle”, and most of the skills in the game are “ground” rather than locked targets. The details of the front and back shaking requirements also increase the “precision” and “response speed” requirements of the mouse. Although the League of Legends LOL has a lot of simplification compared to DOTA, the core gameplay is still the struggle between players and teamwork, and the small-scale micro-operations.

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2.TeckNet Programmable Wired Optical Computer Gaming Mouse wireless gaming mouse

Based on the above requirements, the author has locked the mouse’s needs on a lighter mouse. This is because the excessive mass causes the mouse movement to decrease, the stop time is too long (for example, the train is compared with the car), and the precise positioning and CPI. The adjustment can not be less, and finally, if there is a good ergonomics society, the fatigue caused by long-term games is greatly reduced.

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3.Rechargeable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Mouse best wireless gaming mouse

In the beginning of 2012, the author has done a detailed evaluation for SteelSeries Kana.wireless headphones left a deep impression on the author – the precise optical engine and the novel side button design are all needed to play MOBA games. This product has black and white, black with orange roller and transparent panel at the bottom, the surface is a skin-like layer, non-slip but easy to accumulate dirt; white is treated with high-gloss mirror, the appearance is beautiful and easier to clean; long 12.4cm, width 6.4cm, height 3.7cm volume just between the home Sensei and Kinzu, to adapt to different hand size requirements.

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4.LOGICOOL Rechargeable Gaming Mouse best budget gaming mouse

In terms of mouse internal accessories, the optical engine is the PAW3305DK-H from Taiwan’s original phase, using traditional optical positioning; the micro-motion is the TTC white point (left and right CPI switches four keys), and the side button uses Kail’s white point micro The micro-motion keystroke is long and requires a god button to trigger, so Kana does a good job of preventing the mis-pressing of the side button. The IC side is the MC9S08JM8 CLD control chip from Freescale.

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5.Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse cheap gaming mouse

The Razer Abyssus is the cheapest product in the production of the Razer Mouse, but the design of the simple and simple is his biggest selling point. Similar to the weight of the Satsuma, the volume is only 11.5cm long, 6.3cm wide and 4cm high. It is not only suitable for the Oriental hand but also creates more opportunities for LOL players.

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6.SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse best cheap gaming mouse

Abandoning the skin-like coating of the Big Brother purgatory python, turning to the blue Medusa logo lamp with the more frictional matte surface tail is quite eye-catching.

the bottom provides a more convenient CPI three-speed switch (mouse return) Rate 250/500/1000Hz) and (mouse speed CPI450/1800/3500).

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7.Razer Mamba Hyperflux & Firefly Hyperflux good gaming mouse

In addition, Razer also provides a glossy version (Transformers), the shape is much more than the normal version.

But the bright surface is easy to dust and collect fingerprints. So overall it is quite recommended that LOL players choose the Razer Abyssus hell snake.

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8.ZOWIE GEAR EC1-A Gaming Mouse bluetooth gaming mouse

The Logitech G100 mouse features a left-right symmetrical design for both right-handed and left-right users. The overall design of the mouse is very sleek, with no corners, and it feels very comfortable on the hand.

The smooth bottom of the mouse .The lightweight design of the mouse make it easy to move quickly and freely.

The smooth pad almost eliminates all friction for smoother movement.

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9.ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless best mouse for gaming

The Logitech G100 mouse uses an Avago S3055 IC internally to provide three-speed CPI switching, which is 1000/1750/2500DPI.

The fretting aspect is the D2FC-F-7N (10M) Omron white point fretting with excellent durability and theoretical 10 million key life.

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10.Roccat Tyon R3 Sensor Laser USB top gaming mouse

The konjac warrior has a distinctly angular shape, and the anti-skid frame on the left has a design similar to the warrior armor, but the anti-slip performance is general. In addition, the CPI switch button is in the middle and rear of the left side of the mouse, which is convenient for real-time switching.

The konjac warrior product is positioned as an RTS game player. The smooth processing of the tail of the mouse fits well with the palm of the hand. Micro-motion is a common game micro-action Omron D2FC-F-7N white point.

In fact, the quality of the products did not disappoint the players.

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