Play Games Is Gaming PC professional!

Play Games Is Gaming PC professional!

It’s going to be gaming pc an annual summer vacation. I believe that gaming pc the majority of students are looking forward to this long holiday of 2 months. Gaming pc in this hot summer day, sitting in the air blowing in the house, playing black games with friends is not beautiful! Still using your old and broken notebook? Give it up, since you want to play games at home, you naturally need a powerful host. I don’t know how to choose? Don’t worry, today I recommend four powerful home game consoles for you to solve your doubts.

The first thing I want to recommend for everyone is Dell’s Lingyue MAX game desktop console. I believe everyone will have a refreshing feeling when they first see this machine. The design of the chassis is very distinctive, just like using a knife to slant down and show the internal structure in front of you. The fuselage boldly adopts the design of the beveled hollowed-out louver, coupled with the cool lighting effect, let it reveal a mysterious atmosphere.

1.CYBERPOWERPC  GXiVR8100A gaming pc best buy

The chassis of Dell Inspiron MAX·Battle Game Desktop is not only very avant-garde in appearance.

but also the side-cut beveled louver design greatly enhances the overall heat dissipation capacity, and increases the air volume throughput of the chassis, so that you don’t have to worry about heat dissipation.

At the same time of vision, it can also balance performance, reflecting the clever design and powerful design capabilities of Dell designers.

The Dell Inspiron MAX game console is very powerful in hardware configuration, equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 51600X processor, with 6 cores and 12 threads, and excellent performance. The GTX 1060 discrete graphics card with 6GB of memory can take all the big games, 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB solid state hard drive and 1TB mechanical hard drive. The overall strength is very strong. Avant-garde high-value appearance and powerful performance blessing, Dell Inspiron MAX battle game desktop you deserve.

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2.SkyTech Omega Mini Gaming Computer Desktop good gaming pc

The ASUS G11 Flying Fortress can be said to be specially designed by the player, both in terms of design and hardware configuration. The overall black style matches the red stripes, exuding the eSports atmosphere. The rear-tilted chassis facilitates internal heat dissipation, and the addition of multi-zone ambient lights makes the front panel of the machine sporty. In addition, the flying fortress technology and texture around the fuselage make the host more scientific.

The chassis supports 8 million color LED lights in many places, and the cool breathing lights are very well matched with the high-value appearance. In terms of hardware, ASUS G11 Flying Fortress is equipped with i7-7700 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB solid state hard disk, 1TB mechanical hard disk, 3GB memory GTX 1060 alone, the machine is pre-installed Windows 10 operating system, the configuration is very mainstream. For home games, performance is very powerful.

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3.Microtel Computer AMTI9098 Liquid Cooling 4k gaming pc

Titanium may be a brand that may not be clear to many friends. It is an Internet manufacturing company founded by the former e-sports world champion “King of the Emperor SKY”, which focuses on the development of e-sports equipment. After several years of hard work, Titanium has been in the e-sports equipment industry, and the product line has been involved in e-sports consoles and peripherals.

This black crystal desktop game console is a very specific color e-sports host of Titanium. I believe that when you first see this host, you will think of alien or future technology. It uses a very cool and cool design, which is obviously different from the traditional desktop. The irregular diamond-shaped texture design has a strong technical beauty, and the bright black body is also very textured.

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4.Lenovo Ideacentre Y710 Cube Desktop custom built gaming pc

The front of the chassis is equipped with a 16.8 million color RGB lighting system. A variety of lighting effects can be adjusted at will. The light stripe and the diamond front panel complement each other, allowing you to experience the feeling of alien technology. Specific hardware, the machine is equipped with i7-7700 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, 120GB solid state drive, 1TB mechanical hard drive, 3GB memory version of GTX 1060 alone, pre-installed Windows 10 operating system, the overall performance is more powerful.

As a domestic brand that focuses on the game market, the mechanical revolution has been relatively successful in this game, and it has also been continuously updated in the game desktop. This gaming mouse is a very good game console. The raised shape of the front panel of the chassis and the pyramidal inverted “V” design have a strong visual impact, giving a very avant-garde feel. The chassis also has cool lighting effects, and you can choose from the lighting effect of 167,000 colors.

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5.2018 Latest HP OMEN 880 Gaming PC gaming pc reviews

Mechanical Revolution The NX7-400 has vents on the sides and top of the chassis, so you don’t have to worry about heat build-up. In terms of hardware, the aircraft is equipped with i7-7700 processor, ASUS B250 motherboard, 8GB DDR4 memory, 120GB solid state drive, 1TB mechanical hard drive and 6GB memory GTX 1060 discrete graphics, the overall performance is strong, can also support ASUS AURA lighting effect , pre-installed Windows 10 operating system, for the daily game of home, is very powerful.

The recommended models for everyone are very cost-effective, and the performance is very strong at an acceptable price. Whether it is AMD or Intel processor, we can give us strong performance support in daily use, GTX The 1060’s discrete graphics card allows us to play all kinds of masterpieces without pressure. The SSD can make the machine run faster. The pre-installed Windows 10 system saves you time and effort. Want to play this holiday? Choosing these game consoles is right!

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6.Acer Aspire Gaming Desktop, AMD Ryzen 7 best pc for gaming

Ruilong II’s 2600X adopts 12nm Zen+ architecture, supports Hyper-Threading Technology.has up to 6 cores and 12 threads.16MB of L3 cache, clocked at 3.6GHz, and the highest core frequency is 4.2GHz, which is useing to play games.

Still used to run the program, the performance can be described as quite excellent, with MSI’s B450 rocket tube motherboard, Tmall package price is only 1849, can be said to be very cost-effective, and now I5-8400 with B360 package price is almost the same, but The performance of the 2600X can be used to rub the 8400 on the ground, and the performance under the small super is directly chasing the I7-8700.

Because Ruilong uses brazing and packaging technology, AMD’s self-contained heat dissipation is also good, and the small overclocking temperature is not too high, and the AMD platform supports all series of motherboards except the low-end entry board. Overclocking. MSI’s B450 rocket launcher motherboard uses 6-phase power supply, onboard Gigabit Ethernet card, 4×DDR4 memory slot, supports up to 3466Mhz memory frequency, 1 M.2 interface, Micro ATX board structure, and materials workmanship is also quite satisfactory. Good value for money.

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7.HP OMEN 870-244 Desktop Computer Intel Core pre-built gaming pc

Memory here chooses GALAXY’s DDR4-3000 8G GAMERII RGB light bar, using Magnesium and Hynix particles, no pressure to 3200, but this is not the focus, the focus is R!G!B! According to test proof, RGB Can significantly improve computer performance (manually funny).

PM981 can be regard as an upgraded version of PM961. M.2 solid state with TLC particle NVME protocol, reading 3200M/S and writing 2400M/S powerful performance can be said to be very scary, but the solid state is OEM product, there is no separate retail, market All the products sold are the package version, and the minded small partners can choose other products.

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8.CORSAIR ONE PRO Compact Gaming Desktop PC cheap pre built gaming pc

The graphics card recommended here is Dylan’s RX588. After the frenzy, the price of the A card gradually returns to normal.

Plus, the RX588’s powerful performance can say to be a very cost-effective product, but pay attention to buying a second-hand mine card.

You need to be careful with your friends. You can also choose NVI’s GTX1060 6G for those who don’t like A card. The price is similar.

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9.Dell Alienware Aurora Gaming PC Desktop pc for gaming

Finally, the power supply part, the last time I said, the power supply is like the heart of a computer.

Do not ask to buy the best but can not use all the poor power. such as Taobao 64 500W Jue Bai.

It is better to buy box fireworks It’s much more beautiful in the case. Also recommended this time is the Zhenhua Jinshan Ice Plate 450W combat version, not to mention the details.

A very good power supply, cost-effective, this platform is full of about 250W.

with 450W gold power supply belt is No problem.

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10.Centaurus Andromeda A6 Gaming Computer best gaming pc brands

This set of cheap AMD platform can say to be quite powerful in terms of CPU and graphics performance. It can say that it is all the games on the market. It is perfectly possible to stabilize 60 frames under the special effect of chicken. There is one more thing to say.

The platform is only recommend to install the Win10 operating system, because the solid state is the NVME protocol.

The system below Win10 has no default NVME driver.

The B450 platform is quite unfriendly to the Win10 system, and various problems may occur. Therefore, it is recommend to use the Win10 system.

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