Pocket-Friendly Home Decor Tips For Mothers

Home Decor

Home Decor

The key to a beautiful home is not only a deep pocket. Let your imagination run wild and you can have a real funky looking home for your family without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are a few quick fixes that can makeover your house without having to visit an online furniture store or doing a floor-to-ceiling remodel. Even with a few small changes to the cat cave, you can transform your rooms.


Using a frame is a great way to add a small touch and yet grab some eyeballs. Spice up a boring side table by adding a funky framed picture to it. Make sure that the frame stands out. Get some intense shades or quirky patterns. For some more spice, get a curvy glass vase to accompany the frame.The folding picnic table can also be placed in the same way.


Who would have thought pillows would find pride of place in any room other than the bedroom? If you have a plain sofa that looks desperately in need of some colour, then don’t spend a pile of money in getting the whole thing re-done or running to an online furniture store for a new one. Get some cushions with bold colours and patterns. Think bright floral patterns, vibrant colours. You could get a couple of pillows with complementing colours and patterns.

Coloured walls

Throw a splash of colour in your family’s favourite room by painting a single wall in an accent colour. It should be a high contrast colour on a wall which you wouldn’t have to face from every angle. All you need is some paint and a brush to give your room a trendy new look.

Home Decor Ideas

Less clutter

Tidy up the things on your coffee table in neat ordered groups. You could keep a mini album with some photos, some funky coasters or even a vintage look tray. The tray is ideal for keeping all the table essentials in place.


Dreary weather outside, or just drab windows? Brighten it up with some summery looking curtains. Use cafe curtains in sunny colours to have the sun in your room at all times.

Vintage posters

You can never go wrong with some quirky vintage posters. You could buy these online and even frame one in a wooden frame. There is a wide variety of themes ranging from movies, music to food. This would definitely add character to a wall in your house.

Go green

Add a touch of nature to your countertop with some potted herbs. You can get these in some colourful metal pots and watch it come to life.

Rustic Home Decor

Fruity display

Flowers and plants are not the only ideas for centrepieces. Get some fresh and colourful fruit and put them into a big bowl and voila! You have a lovely centrepiece for your table, not to mention some healthy snacks for your kids.


Looking to makeover the beds? Get pillowcases in funky stripes and bright flowery designs. They don’t have to match and add some character to the bed too.


To give your bedroom the boudoir look, get some pink lightbulbs for your lampshades. The light is a soothing glow that transforms the room instantly.

Bamboo objects

Adorn your sterile bathroom with a collection of wooden or bamboo objects. It can soften the look and lend your bathroom a warm and earthy feel.

Snazzy desktop

Does your desk look messy and boring? Liven up the boring paper with a colourful cloth blotter and some patterned manila folders.

Did you ever think that these seemingly small items could actually breathe new life into your house? The devil is in the details, or so they say. Follow these tips to become the world’s favourite mom.

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