Best Hdmi Cable Buyer Guide

Hdmi cable can not be bought casually.I have previously introduced the panel of the monitor, so let the monitor display the screen, in addition to the power cord, the other is the monitor data cable, there are currently three main types, Hdmi cable, VGA cable and DVI cable. Now basically choose a display with Hdmi interface (HD interface), then it is very important to choose a good HDMI cable.

HDMI interface version

To select an HDMI cable, first look at the version number of the HDMI interface. The HDMI interface version is different, the bandwidth and supported technologies are also different. Currently, the HDMI cable and HDMI interface can be divided into 1.3 to 2.0 versions, and the high version can be compatible with the lower version. Therefore, when selecting the HDMI cable, it is better to use the HDMI interface. Match, at least not lower than the version of the interface. If it is lower than the version of the interface, it will not be able to transmit HD effects. On the contrary, if it is higher than the interface version, although it can be used, you can spend more.

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BEST HDMI certification

HDMI cable is standard, so if there is a certification mark, there will be no problem in quality. There are currently two kinds of certifications, one is HDMI authentication, and the other is Sinplay authentication. Of course, if both certifications are available, it is the best.



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Quality HDMI connector

HDMI cable connectors are typically gold-plated and non-gold-plated. Gold-plated connectors have better corrosion, conductivity and high temperature resistance. Therefore, in normal terms, the wire with gold-plated joints will be better. Many gold-plated joints on the market use 24K gold plating, which is relatively bright and easy to distinguish. But it doesn’t mean that it is very bad if it is not gold-plated, because the PIN pin inside the HDMI connector is the final connection point in the process of use. This is the main connection point.

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This PIN pin is mainly made of tin bronze. When it is made, it will be nickel plated on the PIN pin and then gold plated. Therefore, if you work better on the HDMI cable, look carefully at the PIN pin and you will find three Floor.

Choose HDMI line process

The inner core of the HDMI cable is very important. The best copper core at present is that the transmission capacity and transmission quality of the copper core are very good, which can prevent the signal from being disturbed, and the signal will not have too much loss during transmission. There is also a core made of alloy and iron, which is of course worse. If you want to distinguish this, you can only open it, but there should be few people who will buy a line to remove it, so I will introduce you to a relatively simple method. You can bend the HDMI cable and bend it several times. If it is soft, it is the copper core. If it is hard, it is the inner core of the alloy and iron. However, be careful not to bend too much. The inner core of the alloy and iron is easy to break.


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Of course, the core of the current HDMI cable has also developed

and some directly use optical fiber as the core. The advantages of using fiber are not mentioned here. Today’s broadband is basically fiber, so everyone should know very well. Of course, the HDMI cable of the fiber core is very expensive. If it is not bad, it is recommended to use the fiber core. HDMI cable, if you need a longer HDMI cable, you should also choose the fiber core, ordinary users generally choose copper core.

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how to choose?

HDMI cable is thick, some thin, how to choose? Normally, the same brand, the thicker the line, the better the transmission performance, and more stable, but it is best to choose the brand line, some of the miscellaneous lines are added a bunch of miscellaneous things, so that the line looks thicker Therefore, it is best to choose the brand when choosing HDMI cable. Foreign countries are generally Magic Sound, Line Saint, BG, Gefen, Philips, SONY, and domestic is generally Kaiboer Kaiboer.


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The fine HDMI  is absolutely unusable

When this cable use for data transmission, the signal will be poor. The HDMI cable cable gauge (AWG), the larger the number, the finer it is. This should  note when purchasing, such as the same When branding, 20AWG will be better than 30AWG.




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in conclusion

The production cost of HDMI cable is relatively high, so the more expensive it is, the better, but the premise is that the quality has to pass, how to choose an HDMI cable, I believe that after reading the above content, everyone is also very clear, first of all, the version is appropriate, and secondly, it is suitable for you. The use environment, and then the brand and quality of the line must guarante, if the above conditions met, it is a good HDMI cable.

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The purpose of purchasing an HDMI cable

(1) The aim is to obtain better data transmission quality. The HDMI cable sends an uncompressed signal, which means you don’t lose any quality when you pass the line. When the signal passes through the compression/decompression process, the signal may  degrade. However, this does not happen with HDMI cables.

(2) Support all existing audio and video formats using HDMI cable, including 720p, 1080i, 1080p (also including 2160p, 4K or Ultra HD) and up to 60Hz. The HDMI cable so advance that additional bandwidth already built into the device that may require more space in the future.

HDMI type

There are five different types that can judg base on their speed or whether they support Ethernet.

(1) Standard HDMI: This is the most common type. These specifications require the cable to handle 720p or 1080i data streams (this the two data formats use by terrestrial TV broadcasts).

(2) HDMI standard Ethernet: This cable can also use to process 720p or 1080i signals, but it can also provide wired Ethernet local network connections in the same cable.

(3) High-speed HDMI: It can process more data at one time, suitable for 1080p and other signals that require higher throughput, such as 3DTV and 4K resolution images.

(4) HDMI High Speed ​​Ethernet: This cable has the same high speed capability but can support Ethernet.

(5) HDMI standard car: This cable has the same 720p / 1080i capacity as a standard standard cable, but it design for automotive interior wiring applications. There is a lot of electrical interference inside the car, and the cable usually wire in a tight bundle, so the cable designto provide a stronger signal.

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